Capital Bank Cycling Challenge – Botswana

Capital Bank Botswana in association with the Jonmol Cycling Club (JCC) will host the fourth annual Capital Bank Cycling Challenge in 29th of April.

The event will held on Thursday and the bank is launching the P75 000 sponsorship for the same. According to chief executive officer of Capital Bank Botswana, Jaco Viljoen the event would give cyclists various options to choose from cycling. The options are 30 km, 60 km, and 120 km race category and there is also an option of the 5 km children race.
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Contador Confirms Racing For 2 More Years

The popular Spanish cyclist and Tour De France star Alberto Contador has said that he is willing to continue to race for two more years.

He says that he has had several offerings coming in from different quarters. He has not taken a decision as to which team he would like to join, but has certainly said that he wants to definitely race for two more years. He is looking to hang his boots at the end of the 2018 season.

Earlier there were reports that Lampre-Merida team manager Giuseppe Saronni had talked to Contador to lure him to their team. The manager said then that it was not easy to get this Spanish start into their team, but there is no harm in trying. Everyone will be interested in having Contador in their team. He is a true racer and one of the best in the business.

Alberto is on cloud nine after his stupendous showing at the Pais Vasco and this has driven him to carry on with racing in 2017.

He is very happy with his condition at the moment and says that his power data is encouraging every year. He said that he talked about his racing liking with his family and staff and they have also given their consent for him to race this season.

Contador says that his dream of having his own team is still on. But, as tight as things are, he is not averse to the fact of signing for a team that comes up with an attractive offer. He says that he is interested in joining teams that give Tour De France top priority. He wants to join a team that is powerful enough to compete in the Tour de France and also has visions of winning the title. He said that he will quit when he feels that the time is right to quit.


The Belgian classics specialist Greg van Avermaet of BMC Racing has expressed his happiness to be back on the track.

Greg, who has confirmed his return to the sport on Wednesday, had been put out for a while after suffering a injury that let to a broken collarbone. He had sustained this injury during the Tour of Flanders.

He managed to finish in second place after a difficult and tasking uphill sprint during the stage tour of the California at lagua seca raceway. Van Avermaet had endured a challenging route to the top of the California coat after which he climbed with the best riders over many short kickers towards the end of the finish stage.

Approaching the finish line, Avermaet had battled with world champion peter Sagan of the tinkoff team but failed to beat the talented cyclist as he finished a close second. Despite being unable to finish first, it was a big boost of confidence for him considering the circumstances surrounding his absence from the competition.

The sportsman who had missed the Paris Roubaix due to the shoulder injury seemed quite happy with his performance. In an interview outside of Monterey, Avermaet said:

“You always have to wait and see how the body will react after a crash and how good your form is after you come back, so I’m pretty happy I’m up here with the best.

“Sagan is the best in the world in these kinds of finishes and I’m close to him, so I’m pretty happy with that and I’m looking forward to keeping this rhythm going and to be really good in dauphine and tour de France.”

The 217-kilometer stage was a good testing ground for the biker as he prepares for the Tour de France as it features super fast twists and turns together with a tricky finish.


Edward Theuns had recounted memories of the injury he suffered earlier this season, and the long road back to recovery.

He had started this season on an impressive note and showed a lot of promise, finishing third in the Dwars Door Vlaanderen and fourth in the highly competitive Scheldeprijs.

The Belgian rider had his first Grand Départ experience with Trek-Segafredo, and earned several top ten placing in the first week.

However, his luck ran out at the stage 13 time trials when he crashed into a ditch, and suffered a compressed fracture of the T12 vertebra, resulting in what might be considered as the most severe injury sustained by a cyclist this season. The injury was evaluated by his team, and they confirmed that his season was over.

Speaking to Cycling News about his journey to recovery, he explained that the worst is behind him, but he is still a far way off from total recovery.

“I’m doing better than I’d expected. I can train to a schedule and the only thing I have to watch out for is power training. I still have to do specific training for my back and still have some pain and feel it from time to time but its okay.”
The rider revealed to Cycling News that he had been very scared and had feared the worse when the incident occurred; pointing out that an injury to the vertebrae is a serious condition.

He was hospitalized and had a back surgery, being unable to move for a couple of weeks. When he was finally out of the hospital, he needed help moving around and wore a brace for about three months as part of his rehabilitation.

Slowly building strength, and hoping desperately to get better, he had to spend five days a week in lengthy physiotherapy sessions. And finally, he was able to start cycling to the therapy appointments. Speaking to Cycling News he said:

“I feel maybe better than last year in terms of fitness, but it’s hard to say where I am for things like power and sprints.”

Finally, although still with the use of the brace, he was able to throw his leg over a saddle for the first time since the crash. He began to cycle to the therapy appointments and, although the distances were short, they were a huge mental breakthrough for the rider.

“It was only 7km but that first ride was incredible,” says Theuns. “One minute you’re in the Tour de France, then you’re having surgery in the blink of an eye, so to be back on the bike felt like a really great,” he added.

Lance Armstrong charged of keeping back info in False Claims Act lawsuit

The government of United States has asked a court to preclude expert testimony in Lance Armstrong False Claims Act case, stating that man from Texas has not turned over documents.

The False Claims Act lawsuit against Armstrong keeps on to bumble on without really getting to court, along with the pursuance now exacting the dishonored former rider has not exposed information he designed to use in an proficient testimony.

As per Law360, the United States government has asked the court to foreclose an expert testimonial from Dr Erich Joachimsthaler, who was to award prove from two marketing studies on the public sensing of the United States Postal Service during Armstrong’s period with the team sponsored by this.

While Lance was ordered to hand over data from the studies to the court, he has not done that. The government’s sanctions motion told that in spite of ample scopes to do that, Lance has not totally complied with the Court order, and the data he still withhold are both material to Dr. Joachimsthaler’s opinions as well as prejudicial to the government’s ability to execute their very own independent analysis of Dr. Joachimsthaler’s opinions and methods.

It further added that in this case, Lance appears to have intentionally withheld data which controvert Dr. Joachimsthaler’s decisions or that call the validness of his methods into question. Lance must not be allowed to sponsor testimony based on data he failed to give by the Court-ordered deadline and carries on to wrongfully withhold.

Sir Chris Hoy all set to visit Edge Hill University

Sir Chris Hoy, eleven times cycling champion as well as 6 times Olympic gold medal winner, would visit Edge Hill University later in April. On 4th April, Monday, the Olympic legend would be bringing in his new pursuit- children’s books.

Sir Chris would read and speak about his new kids’ book series called ‘Flying Fergus’ at very special free events for schools and families, preferably suited to kids in key stage 2. The first 2 books in the series speak the tale of Fergus, who is a boy with a great imagination as well as a special bike. Depicted as a fabulously fun cycling adventure series, the books also has illustrations by Clare Elsom and are targeted at readers aged 5 to 8 years old.

The Great Cycle Challenge and The Best Birthday Bike were written with author Joanna Nadin and they were released in February. They would be available to buy on the day for £5 each as well as Sir Chris would also be available to sign the books and then meet with the kids after each of the sessions.

More titles in the series would be unveiled in July, October this year and then in January 2017. A non-fiction cycling guide would also be unveiled in October. Sir Chris Hoy told that he is very excited regarding coming to Edge Hill and meeting the children and families and talking about his new books and Fergus. He always look forward to the Q&A session and some of the questions the children ask him.

Cancellara & Nibali Tight-Lipped About Doping Report

Tour France champ Vincenzo Nibali & 8-time stage champ Fabian Cancellara, both have stayed tight-lipped about doping report published Cycling Independent Reform Commission or CIRC lately.

The CIRC report was supported by WADA & USADA.
The report took thirteen months to be completed and claimed that doping issues in riding is still in the endemic stage.

“I did not read anything regarding it. It could be that somebody else is looking to state something” remarked Nibali while asked to speak a few lines regarding the much speculated CIRC report.

While asked whether he feels that the report is doing something good for the sport, Nibali prompted-“I repeat that I did not read anything regarding it & I do not know what the document is all about.”

Fabian Cancellara, the stage winner at 6 varied years at Tour France, claimed that he was completely unaware of the release of the report.

“I did not read it”, Cancellara had the same reply as that of Nibali.

“I did not even know anything regarding it. Thus, akin to Nibali, I cannot say much”, added the Swiss star who is currently nursing his broken vertebrae from his severe crash at E3 race.

“If you can give me those 280 pages then I could read them. However, I feel that it would be better to look forward now. It’s up to media not to focus just into our past. I had a talk about it in my squad but honestly, at present, I do not have time to spare for those 280 pages. Possibly by the final quarter of 2015, when I would get time to go through that report, then only I can say something.”

Cycling guide for the skittish riders

Riding bike in an urban setting with crowded street is not a joy.

Cycling guide written in a form of book by Yvonne Bambrick talks about the aspect of riding bike in the cities of North America. Bike to ride with has to be chosen in the correct order along with the budget. The etiquettes of riding a bike in the narrow alleys are mentioned along with steps to manoeuvre when the riders get caught by the police.

Working in Toronto as a bike advocate, Bambrick feels that more than having a license to drive the bikes it is about having good education about the rules and regulations. The perception of the people is that most feel riding on a bike is not as safe as riding a car since you are protected under the metallic shield of the car but he thinks otherwise. She acts as a role model for the Union of Cyclists at Toronto. Being a bike rider makes the person belong to minority which is what he feels.

For him it is more to do than just being a responsible citizen. As a part of the usual norm she is trying to make it encompassing in the world of riding bikes. The culture of driving is transforming in North America which is for the better according to her. In winter people ride on bikes a lot in Toronto which is a shift from the norm. Almost all kinds of people are involved in the bike riding process from young to old.

She feels that it is great if the bike riders are more as it will create a new trend along with making the people aware of the rules and regulations. The sense of what is right and wrong is known to the bike riders. The book gives a thorough insight.

Anna Meares Returns To The Place She Triumphed

Anna Meares was named the queen of sprint two years ago when she won the Olympic gold in the London veldrome. Now she is returning to the same place to prepare for the 2016 Rio games.

Anna will be preparing to make a full race at the Track Cycling World Cup to be held in London during this weekend and also has plans to retire after the Olympics of 2016. The team Australia is ready to go into the meet as they have already topped with the most medals in the first round that was held in Mexico.

In the London Olympic of 2012, Meares won by defeating Victoria Pendleton of Britain with a historic sprint.

Coach Gary West says that the veldrome is very special for Meares. He said that when he first walked in the veldrome on Monday afternoon, the first training session brought out a lot of memories of him and Anna. To be back in the same place has a great feeling as the experience of 2012 was very exciting for Anna who is enjoying the time again in the veldrome.

Meares will be riding the sprint on Friday along with Stephanie Morton. Stephanie had beaten her in the individual final of the Commonwealth Games in July. For this individual sprint, the 31 year old will be competing on Saturday.Gary says that after Rio, Anna’s target is to improve her performances.

Anna’s competition in Mexico brought her the fifth position in sprint and also a bronze for kiering. West says that their goal now is to be better than before. The team Australia has already won three golds in Mexico and hold the top position but they expect not to repeat the same things that have happened in London before.

The Cycling Tour Of Mzansi Struggles To Get Sponsors

The loss of the Mzansi Tour is going to cost South African cycling a lot. William Newman, the president of Cycling SA said that the cycling in the country is going to face a big time blow because of the sudden withdrawal of sponsor.

He said that the whole thing is very disappointing as it put the Tour at a huge risk because it is very important for the cyclists. The race is an opportunity for all the new riders to ride with some really good international riders from all over the world to collect the UCI points.

Their qualification for the next year All Africa games will be effected if the race has to be postponed because of lack of funds. This will also deprive the riders from collecting points to qualify at the Olympics. The organizers of Mzansi Tour announced this week that Cathsseta has accepted the administration and that they will not be able to keep up with their final year contract. The organizers are now in search of some secure sponsorship before the UCI graded road cycling races start for the third edition of South Africa.

Newman mentioned that the CSA doesn’t have the financial position to provide funds but even then he hoped that they would come to rescue the team. They said that the CSA are totally living on the hope that the corporate will come out to the rescue. It has always been a big issue for the sport to generate funds and they have no idea why it is so. The sport has some great riders who are working very hard to perform well. Even then the corporate SA doesn’t want to invest here.

They are struggling to find sponsors even when they are as developed as any other team touring in the country.