Cancellara & Nibali Tight-Lipped About Doping Report

Tour France champ Vincenzo Nibali & 8-time stage champ Fabian Cancellara, both have stayed tight-lipped about doping report published Cycling Independent Reform Commission or CIRC lately.

The CIRC report was supported by WADA & USADA.
The report took thirteen months to be completed and claimed that doping issues in riding is still in the endemic stage.

“I did not read anything regarding it. It could be that somebody else is looking to state something” remarked Nibali while asked to speak a few lines regarding the much speculated CIRC report.

While asked whether he feels that the report is doing something good for the sport, Nibali prompted-“I repeat that I did not read anything regarding it & I do not know what the document is all about.”

Fabian Cancellara, the stage winner at 6 varied years at Tour France, claimed that he was completely unaware of the release of the report.

“I did not read it”, Cancellara had the same reply as that of Nibali.

“I did not even know anything regarding it. Thus, akin to Nibali, I cannot say much”, added the Swiss star who is currently nursing his broken vertebrae from his severe crash at E3 race.

“If you can give me those 280 pages then I could read them. However, I feel that it would be better to look forward now. It’s up to media not to focus just into our past. I had a talk about it in my squad but honestly, at present, I do not have time to spare for those 280 pages. Possibly by the final quarter of 2015, when I would get time to go through that report, then only I can say something.”