Cavendish and Froome marching ahead for Vuelta

The race organisers have both listed Froome and Cavendish for competing the Grand Tour final season at the tournament of Spain. Unfortunately both of them had bowed out of the Tour de France as Cavendish’s shoulder was dislocated when he was in Yorkshire, in the opening stage of the final straight.
Froome’s defence ended at the fifth stage while fracturing his hand and wrist. For Cavendish, it would be the first time he would appear at the tour of Spain. It will be Tour del’ Ain which will form an important part of the training. For the tour Cavendish is going to miss The Ride London classic tournament. The rest of the season will be approached by the coaches’ consideration.
He had the wish of participating in the Ride London cycle tournament but because of the same schedule clashing together it is becoming problematic for him. But it is yet not confirmed whether he would be riding for Vuelta but he can also switch the race with Tour of Britain. Froome is training in California. The line up of Vuelta is a strong one.
On 23rd August the race will begin. Both were in agony beforehand when they had the training session going on. In the list the name has been given in the preliminary of both the riders. The participation still hangs in the air. Contador will not be competing in the race. Cavendish on the other hand is still back with riding but his shoulder pain does not even heal up and he has problem in lifting up his own daughter. Lot of certainities and uncertainities of the players is felt so when the race begins then the actual turnout will be seen and witnessed before that the confirmation is yet to be approved.