Cycling guide for the skittish riders

Riding bike in an urban setting with crowded street is not a joy.

Cycling guide written in a form of book by Yvonne Bambrick talks about the aspect of riding bike in the cities of North America. Bike to ride with has to be chosen in the correct order along with the budget. The etiquettes of riding a bike in the narrow alleys are mentioned along with steps to manoeuvre when the riders get caught by the police.

Working in Toronto as a bike advocate, Bambrick feels that more than having a license to drive the bikes it is about having good education about the rules and regulations. The perception of the people is that most feel riding on a bike is not as safe as riding a car since you are protected under the metallic shield of the car but he thinks otherwise. She acts as a role model for the Union of Cyclists at Toronto. Being a bike rider makes the person belong to minority which is what he feels.

For him it is more to do than just being a responsible citizen. As a part of the usual norm she is trying to make it encompassing in the world of riding bikes. The culture of driving is transforming in North America which is for the better according to her. In winter people ride on bikes a lot in Toronto which is a shift from the norm. Almost all kinds of people are involved in the bike riding process from young to old.

She feels that it is great if the bike riders are more as it will create a new trend along with making the people aware of the rules and regulations. The sense of what is right and wrong is known to the bike riders. The book gives a thorough insight.