The Dirt X Challenge has been influenced by the successful Kona Mash-Up series in the UK. Most events here are targeting one ‘kind of rider’. There are Marathon events for the endurance specialist, XC races for the racing whippets out there and Downhill events for the adrenaline junkies. But there has not been one event that brings all these groups together. The Dirt X Challenge is our attempt to change this.

At Clashnacrona Woods famed for it’s National Points Series Downhill Events we have created a purpose built circuit consisting of the NPS Downhill a Fire Road Climb to the top of the stage & our brand new Middle Ground XC – Tech section which includes 3 short climbs. There will be timed sections over all these and each rider will complete 4 laps of the circuit. Which means 4 climbs up the Fire Road, 2 runs down the NPS Downhill & 2 rides through the Middle Ground section.
Who is going to win an XC or DH rider ? Come & find out.