Lance Armstrong on the verge of losing Olympic medal

Lance Armstrong has been banned for lifetime by the USADA and they also stripped him off of his seven Tour de France titles. But currently it seems that more troubles await Armstrong as the International Olympic Committee has its intention to get the Bronze medal back which he won at the 2000 Sydney Olympic.

The IOC meeting holds the key to Armstrong’s fate as the decision will be made there. The USADA report has had a great impact on the IOC and it is believed that they will strip Armstrong off of the Bronze medal, too. A few days earlier International Cycling Union has agreed the decision of stripping Armstrong and now it is the term of the IOC. They can strip the medal after their meeting, but a source says that they could do it later, after the cycling’s governing body officially notify Armstrong of the loss of his seven Tour titles.

Thomas Bach, the vice president of the IOC and also a German lawyer, stated that the Olympic Board would look after the matter and the chances of Armstrong getting stripped of his medal are very high as the Olympic Board has decided to tackle the doping charges with a strong hand. After USADA published their report against Armstrong, IOC has unlocked a disciplinary case which will decide the fate of the cyclist.

Now the question arises if the medal is to be stripped off Lance Armstrong then who is to be awarded it. Well, the IOC is not considering any alternative to award the medal. The UCI has also done the same thing. They gave away all the titles from him but didn’t reallocate the titles to anybody else. If IOC stick to this decision then Abraham Olano Manzano of Spain, who registered the fourth place at the Sydney 2000 Olympic, won’t be allocated the third spot and nor will he be given the Bronze medal.