Mark Cavendish Unlikely For Ghent Six Participation

Patrick Lefevere, the manager of team Omega Pharma Quick Step is disappointed for having to pay for Ghent Six, participation of Mark Cavendish.

He is warming up along with Iljo Keisse for the event. The manager is clearly not in favour of Cavendish participating in the event.

Racing is going to take place with Iljo Keisse. It was in 2007 when he last took part in the race. He was placed 1oth and he had taken part with Bradley Wiggins. In November from 26th to 29 the Zurich race is going to begin in which he will race. It is believed that he can gain momentum with his speed. The July 5th incident left him with a broken right shoulder. The Belgian boss stated that he is in doubt regarding the race. He has to concentrate fully on his performance but the boss is concerned that he has to be paid.

The event which had taken place in 2013 witnessed crashes. In one year itself the thinking of the boss did not change. Almost 15,000 euro has to be paid to the organiser. According to him, after paying the monthly wage he is concerned that he has to give additional money.

Cavendish also offered him to repay the money but he did not accept it. According to him, Cavendish has got the right to take part in the race. It is a long way to see how he rides well in the event but the boss has to agree.

It seems unlikely from the boss’s point of view but how far the event goes is yet to be seen and the opponents along with other riders the event is going to be held at the scheduled time and place. Participation is the vital factor in the event which should be at maximum levels.