Rowsell Joins Pearl Izumi

Top British female cycling ace Joanna Rowsell has reportedly joined up with Pearl Izumi Sports Tour International recently. Her present contact is with Wiggle Honda that would terminate this season.

Joanna has signed up a 2-year contract deal with Izumi.

The 25-year-old Brit rider has been one among the founding members of Wiggle Honda while the team was launched a couple of years back. She won the Brit national 2013 time trial in Wiggle colors.

Pearl Izumi is a recently formed group established this year only Dame Storey & her husband Barney. The team mainly competes in the UK races – yet travels across Europe for high profile UCI events as well. Rowsell is hopeful that her join up with the UK-based new team would help to prepare better for the Rio 2016 Olympic.

“I am really excited”, stated Joanna. “I’ve been with Honda for a couple of seasons, a great UCI squad- & whilst Pearl Izumi are not any UCI squad, they are still into some UCI championships. Thus, I hope that there would be good opportunities both here & abroad for me. I am thrilled about being part of a Britain-based squad & achieve support of UK races. Most important thing to me now is that we have Rio in just couple of years & it would be great to relish that backing.”

Joanna was convinced to get down from UCI-stature squad to some domestic team given empowerment of female cycling in UK throughout the last few years.

“The greatest thing to me is the massive progress of womenfolk in UK cycling over the past few years”, she added in. “In my younger days when I initiated racing, we had to move to Belgium for racing given the absence of proper races here. But it’s different now.”