The Cycling Tour Of Mzansi Struggles To Get Sponsors

The loss of the Mzansi Tour is going to cost South African cycling a lot. William Newman, the president of Cycling SA said that the cycling in the country is going to face a big time blow because of the sudden withdrawal of sponsor.

He said that the whole thing is very disappointing as it put the Tour at a huge risk because it is very important for the cyclists. The race is an opportunity for all the new riders to ride with some really good international riders from all over the world to collect the UCI points.

Their qualification for the next year All Africa games will be effected if the race has to be postponed because of lack of funds. This will also deprive the riders from collecting points to qualify at the Olympics. The organizers of Mzansi Tour announced this week that Cathsseta has accepted the administration and that they will not be able to keep up with their final year contract. The organizers are now in search of some secure sponsorship before the UCI graded road cycling races start for the third edition of South Africa.

Newman mentioned that the CSA doesn’t have the financial position to provide funds but even then he hoped that they would come to rescue the team. They said that the CSA are totally living on the hope that the corporate will come out to the rescue. It has always been a big issue for the sport to generate funds and they have no idea why it is so. The sport has some great riders who are working very hard to perform well. Even then the corporate SA doesn’t want to invest here.

They are struggling to find sponsors even when they are as developed as any other team touring in the country.