The Fastest Sprinter Cyclist In The World

Cycling, like motorcycling competition, has been a popular field competition where speed is the final word that determines the winners in every competition. The game of cycling has been popular all over the world and that sport has given birth to some great cyclists.

Alessandro Petacchi has been one of the most popular names in the world of cycling. He is an Italian by birth. He started his career as a sprinter and was heavily successful career. He found some other areas of interest at an early stage of life and that took him towards the cycling which is a popular game in the European circuit.

Alessandro Petacchi has been a popular name in world cycling who has been performing at the top professional level for last 16 years now. It is a rather long career but Petacchi still finds enough inspiration in himself where possibilities of growth are endless. People, who know and understand the game of cycling, are also fond of Alessandro Petacchi. They know and call them as the fastest sprinter in this sport of cycling. This man did wonders in the international level just by dint of his wonderful feats with his cycle. His amazing speed always remained the center of attraction for everyone and is what provide a little trouble for him in 2004 when Petacchi was banned from participation in the world cycling tours.

That was not at all accepted by this legendary and he fought against this ban and ultimately won the case. He made a successful come back and won the 1st and 4th stage of prestigious Tour de France in 2010. Known as ‘the fastest sprinter cyclist in the world’, Petacchi has an illustrious career where he lives every moment with great inspiration and courage. He has completed 16 great years in the sport very recently.