The fighting spirit

Geraint Thomas is a name to reckon with in the international cycling circuits and his victories are legendary. He has survived many injuries and has yet come out the winner in the lot. When he was riding for the Tour de France, he fractured his pelvis and still finished the tour because of his fighting spirits.

This tour would become the most memorable one for a long time to come for him. Though he had a fracture in his pelvis right in the first stage of the race, he still managed to fight till the finish and stay with the team.

He says that the riding was a tough one because of the fracture, but the pain was worth the win and this made his day. The pain of the fractured pelvis carries him through the tour and his decision to stay in the race shows his fighting spirits.

With great fan following, he made it through in the race and did not let his team down. He remained stuck with his team and this ensured that he give his hundred percent to the team in its winning streak. He has to be a great bet for the future.

Winning the tour has been his dream and his broken pelvis never did come in the way of the win. His spirit to bounce back from the pain made him the winner without any question. He says that the pain of the fracture was washed out with the thrill of the victory.

From one challenge to the next, Geraint Thomas has been taking them up and winning them. As this is a team work, it does ensure that the contribution of each player is important; but Geraint Thomas has a special role in the team. His injuries, however minor or major are of no importance when team work is concerned. This attitude takes him a long way in the winning process.