The Techniques Adopted By MAMILS During Cycling

Following the path of champions of Britain like Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins, have given the tournament of cycling a boost. In fact the means of cycling taken as a sport has also received acclaim form the Britons.

The obsession has become such that the new tribe MAMILS are shaving off their legs in order to maintain the resistance of wind. They are continuously working on their cycles, checking the GPS, the handbrakes and the latest handlebars. Cyclists appear to be nerds when it comes to playing with their toy and the latest toy being the cycle they are learning to maintain the art of keeping it intact. The developments in the cycle and its equipment are also up dated regularly by the cyclists.

The hobby sounds a bit expensive with the change of tools and the maintenance of it but then it is worth the effort as the joy that the MAMILS receive is indescribable. In this way the cyclists tend to maintain good networks too.
Cycling has become the new golfing where there is opportunity for business. Books have also been written on Tour de France. The culture of cycling varies from one nation to another and in fact it is different from France, Spain Italy and others which are typical traditional cyclist countries. The difference is that in these countries the sport emerges as more of working class rather than as a hobby which is felt in Britain.

Most people are against the word MAMIL. In fact for some the term is proving to be a mockery and an insult. Many cycle addicts are taking part in the Tour de France from Yorkshire. For many keeping a cycle is less expensive when compared to owning a mistress and also less dangerous.