Women’s Cycling Association to be launched

Women’s Cycling Association is all set hold their official launch party on 24th August, Saturday, at Fort Collins in Colorado. There the organization will unveil their official logo and its website.

Earlier in June, a small bunch of pro women cycle riders met to discuss how to bring equality in women’s cycling via media exposure, equal prize kitty as well as a minimum salary structure that would let the women to concentrate on this sport as a viable career. After the June meeting, a strong bunch of women from pro peloton have put their team commitment behind them and they joined forces to motivate women’s cycling with the creation of Women’s Cycling Association.

US National Road 2011 Champion as well as Women’s Cycling Association President Robin Farina said that it was time for a positive switch in Women’s Professional Cycling. The new association was created to help increase the sport of cycling as well as ensure sustainability in women’s cycling for the future.

Women’s Cycling Association’s Media Director and 2011 NRC Champion Janel Holcomb told that the time is right for all women cyclists and women’s cycling supporters to join together and work towards equality in this sport. The association would work to bring about alteration on a global level.

The Women’s Cycling Association’s goal is to maintain, support and develop a network of women cyclists as well as its supporters. The association will work to progress the interests of women cyclists by advancing and developing policies with governing bodies as well as engaging in media outreach. WCA’s vision is for pro women cyclists to have a career with fiscal security, advancement opportunities and recognition to support women cycle riders of all ability levels as well as to show grassroots programs so that it can help to develop new and young riders.